Why I Post Every Day.

I started blogging because I had something to say that could help other people.
The subject matter of the posts has shifted around.

I’ve grown up.

If one thing has remained constant across all of the posts, it my message that there is hope.

There is an upside to every situation, no matter how down it may be right now.

This actually annoys some people (my wife!) sometimes, because you many not want to hear that in a down moment.

Which, I understand. I have learned that sometimes, you need to be allowed to feel the bad feelings you are having.

For a few minutes.

But make no mistake about it, no matter what it is, even if you feel like your life is not worth living, which I have, there is hope.

There is a way out, back, up, over, or around.

I’m just trying to help you find it.

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