What Could You Put On a Gingerbread House?

Just a fun holiday post today. The other day I made a ‘traditional’ gingerbread house with my family. Why couldn’t you make a ‘Paleo’ gingerbread house; one that celebrates healthy vegetables? Why couldn’t you make an allergen-friendly series of gingerbread house kits? You could. The first step is to make one. The second step is to see ifContinue reading “What Could You Put On a Gingerbread House?”

Something To Look Forward To

J. & A. are the two male orderlies on staff every day. A. is a large, two-hundred and fifty pound white man who’s happiest when football is on the little television in the ‘lounge’. J. is a much more interesting person. He’s a fit, middle-aged black man with soft eyes and a constantly beaming smile.Continue reading “Something To Look Forward To”

Can I Afford Not To Buy This?

It’s not ‘the golden question’ to solve all purchasing decisions, but it helps. You might be able to [accomplish the job, prepare the dinner, find something nice to wear to the party] using resources already on hand. Which is great, I’m all for being resourceful first. But, be sure to think ‘negative’ or, consider the ‘opportunityContinue reading “Can I Afford Not To Buy This?”