A Good Reason To Start

Don’t start just because you’re passionate about something right now. Don’t start just because you can see yourself making money down the road. Rather, ask yourself this: Two years from now, when you aren’t making any money, and you’re putting in hours upon hours trying to make this thing work, will you have the driveContinue reading “A Good Reason To Start”

A Tip For Accomplishing One Thing Tomorrow

Decide what it’s going to be tonight. Say to yourself, preferably out loud, exactly what that thing is. "Tomorrow, I am going to write my first e-book." Even better, say it to someone else. (Spouse, friend, parent, dog, facebook friend, Slack accountability partner.) When you wake up, you won’t have anything to think about …Continue reading “A Tip For Accomplishing One Thing Tomorrow”

Why Don’t I Blog About Depression Anymore?

I wasn’t ‘blogging about depression’ before. I was blogging about hope. Hope remains a theme in everything that I write. Why haven’t I blogged about my experiences with depression lately? That’s a better (and different) question. I certainly should write a longer explanation. I will. I did want to tell you though, that I haveContinue reading “Why Don’t I Blog About Depression Anymore?”

Something You Can Be Proud Of

When something isn’t working out, you can either let people know, or pretend. One path leads to bad things. Things like disappointment, debt, and bitterness. The other path, which takes a mix of humility and bravery, will make you stronger in whatever you do next. It isn’t supposed to work. You are only supposed toContinue reading “Something You Can Be Proud Of”