The Toughest Resistance You’ll Get

Some people don’t understand why I do certain things. They say I’m being selfish when I set aside time for X, and not Y. They don’t understand why I choose to say ‘no, not today.’ It’s true. I am being selfish. I have started choosing myself over others lately. I do it so I canContinue reading “The Toughest Resistance You’ll Get”

What The Hell Is Content Marketing?

Yeah, I can take liberties with my headlines on my personal blog. Here’s the funny thing about content marketing, from my perspective: I’ve been content marketing for fifteen years, I just didn’t know there was an entire business to be built around it. Do I know everything about content marketing? No. But I know this:Continue reading “What The Hell Is Content Marketing?”

It’s Not Too Late To Finish It

One of the things that I have ‘failed’ at so far, as I was telling you¬†the other day, is Hungry Nuts. It’s a good idea that I spent a lot of time building out. I spent money on it. I hired professionals to help. I didn’t put enough effort into building the customer base. ButContinue reading “It’s Not Too Late To Finish It”