It’s How They Perceive You That Matters

Apparently, I don’t sleep in my own home every night. At least, that’s what my kids think, because every weekday, I’m gone before they wake up. ‘Are you spending the night tonight Daddy?’, my four year old will ask me at bedtime. The thing is that, if she perceives it to be that way, thenContinue reading “It’s How They Perceive You That Matters”

The Simple Things You’re Doing Wrong

People, Process, & Product. Those are the three things that Marcus Lemonis focuses on when he looks at struggling businesses. It sounds simple, and it is. But simple isn’t easy. It isn’t easy to change things for the better, and I think that’s the difference between failure and success. Are you willing to do theContinue reading “The Simple Things You’re Doing Wrong”

I Am The Luckiest Guy In The World

I may not have any money, but I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. I know that some people think the other way around; that money would bring happiness. It won’t. I’ve listened to story after story of people who’ve made millions, only to lose it all, or lose their way, for lackContinue reading “I Am The Luckiest Guy In The World”

1 Way To Make Time For Something That Matters

If you were to write down a timeline of everything you do tomorrow, as you do it, at the end of the day, would you be happy to read it? I was, but also, I found room for improvement. Try it and I’m sure you will find some things you can limit to make timeContinue reading “1 Way To Make Time For Something That Matters”