How Do I Start A Gluten Free Baking Business?

Today I posted “How Do I Start A Gluten Free Baking Business” on the EFI blog. Here’s the full text:

Whether you love to bake because you eat Paleo, or have an allergy, there are people desperately waiting to eat your product.

As long as you love to do it, and your close circle of family and friends thinks you are good, it is worth taking the next step.

You can start a gluten free baking business right out of your home. It does not necessarily mean opening a store.

Simply start by asking yourself one question. How many hours are you willing to spend perfecting your craft?

The Fast Approach

The fast approach is to build on work that has already been done. There is nothing wrong with this path at all.

For example, the good people at Bob’s Red Mill invested years developing their line of gluten-free mixes.

Their newly released ‘Gluten Free 1:1 Baking Mix’ allows you to directly substitute the wheat flour out of any existing recipe.

You can bake, ice, and sell a delicious gluten-free chocolate cake using a pre-made blend, and your clients will love you for it.

Some people tweak existing recipes and blends by adding one or two ingredients, and achieve excellent results.

The Long Approach

Most of my clients do not share their recipes, because it took them, in some cases, years to develop them.

Bob’s Red Mill lists the ingredients within a blend, but, not the exact proportions.

The long approach means that you will spend many hours, months, or even years perfecting a cookie that nobody would ever believe was gluten-free.

This path may not be for you. You have to be willing to fail, hundreds of times, in order to achieve something extraordinary.

You can perfect your own recipes slowly, over time.

The people who have spent the most time working on their recipes have, by far and away, the best tasting products.

So, Which One Is For Me?

Bob’s Red Mill pays an in-house chef a full-time salary, specifically to do recipe development.

Michelle Tampakis has a lifetime of culinary experience behind her blends.

Using quality resources like these as your starting point is a very smart thing to do.

(You also have access to free information from really smart, handsome bloggers like me.)

Take the long approach if you are not satisfied with what’s out there. Do you want to make something different from anything you’ve tasted, anywhere else?

Either way, you will need persistence and love. If you love it, you can start a gluten-free baking business.

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