Talk To The People Who Are Ready To Listen

“How dare he think that I should just snap out of it?”
“People need to be more aware of the reality of depression and suicide.”

Frustration with the lack of empathy might be solved by … more empathy.

Consider this:

When confronted with the reality that a friend felt like jumping off of a bridge, most people get scared.

The quick, easy explanation means lets them avoid digging deep and analyzing what went wrong.

It allows them to move on and forget about the fact that their life is fragile.

Instead, I suggest:

This is a scary topic that most people don’t want to read or talk about. That is perfectly OK.

If you sense that fear, don’t press harder. That will only make the other person shut down even more.

You can talk to those people when they are ready. Don’t be offended.

Simply talk to the people who are ready to listen, now.

They might not be in your office, but, you can quickly find them here, there, & everywhere.

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