Why Working Hard Isn’t Enough.

For the last decade, I have been working very, very hard. But I wasn’t always working as smartly as possible. Much of that hard work paid off. But some of it got me into trouble. Imagine what I could accomplish if I worked as smartly as possible, with the same intensity. Now imagine what youContinue reading “Why Working Hard Isn’t Enough.”

4 Quick Problem Tackling Tactics

Once, when things were really rough for me, I responded by lying, hiding, and avoiding the situation. When I did that, I almost ended up dead. (I say really rough for me, but let’s keep that in perspective. That’s how I perceived it at the time.) This time around, things are not easy right now.Continue reading “4 Quick Problem Tackling Tactics”

How Do I Start A Gluten Free Baking Business?

Today I posted “How Do I Start A Gluten Free Baking Business” on the EFI blog. Here’s the full text: *** Whether you love to bake because you eat Paleo, or have an allergy, there are people desperately waiting to eat your product. As long as you love to do it, and your close circleContinue reading “How Do I Start A Gluten Free Baking Business?”

The Only Reason People Were Willing To Help My Business

So, what is this ‘new direction’ I told you about yesterday? I’m going to tell you stories about my business that I’ve been afraid to, about all of my failures. I’ve had many successes too; I’ll share some of those as well. But I’ve had enough failures that it’s time to start making something usefulContinue reading “The Only Reason People Were Willing To Help My Business”