Finding A Solution

I went from being the most ‘stuck’ a person could possibly be, to finding a solution to every obstacle that comes my way.
How did I do that?

Let’s start by working backwards. Let’s say you have a problem that has no apparent solution, no possible way forward that you can think of. You’re ready to give up.

Let’s say you’ve failed out of college for the second time, you’ve piled up debts, you’ve lied to everyone you know & love, and you’ve been depressed about it for a long time.

Oh wait, that’s my example. Let’s try another one because, I’m still here, and that was fifteen years ago, so, I was clearly wrong about that. I have obviously moved forward since then.

Let’s say you have been horribly injured in an accident and you will never walk again.

Oh wait, I know two people who have turned their lives into even more beautiful lives since that happened to them.

It might not be me, but, someone, somewhere has been where you are. If you reach out and ask for help, you’ll find a solution.

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