You’ll Fail The Course. Now What?

There comes a point when you’ve skipped so many classes that you are definitely going to fail the course.
At that point, you usually still have the option to withdraw from the class and take a ‘W’ which, isn’t great, but, it’s not a zero factored into your GPA.

However you actually have to get up and go to the registrar in order to process that withdrawal (unless, you can e-withdraw now?), and so you’re probably not even going to do that.

Instead you’re just going to sit and do nothing, while the situation gets worse, day by day.

Finally you will pass what feels like the point of no return, and you will decide that there’s no point in even trying to rectify the situation.

I will tell you a secret. It doesn’t matter if you fail the course, semester, year, or at three colleges over the course of ten years [wink] … you will still, even then, have the chance to fix it.

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