How Sharing Saved My Life

The first baby step I took from wanting to die, towards ‘maybe not wanting to die a little bit’, was the result of sharing.
I’ve shared often since that day.  I shared with therapists, family, and friends. Years later, I arrived at a very happy place in life. I got married and had two wonderful kids.

Then I decided to take my sharing to the next level – I started writing for you. I write about everything I’ve ever done on this blog. (Almost – I have a few drafts.)

The sharing started pouring over into my business life. I started to share more information with customers and vendors. Information that my competitors wouldn’t. For example, I started telling customers my  actual costs & margins.

Guess what? They loved it. They respected it. They ordered more from me because of it.

The more I share, the more help, love, and trust I get in return. That’s why I plan to double my effort to share, and see where it leads.

There is definitely an element of fear. What if it’s too much? What if people get angry?

But I know that the best chance I have to succeed and to help others is, to share the truth.

That day, almost fifteen years ago, in the hospital I wrote a letter detailing my anger to the doctor. I had so much anger built up inside. He read it, and, he heard me.

He knew it was misguided anger, and, he convinced me to start on a better path.

Many years later, I read this book, and I realized that I had more to share.

Now, I can’t stop.


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