How To Turn Guilt Around

We all have to deal with guilt.  One thing that I always felt guilty about was being privileged.
I recall seeing a beggar for the first time and thinking, ‘Why is he there, and I here?’ That feeling stayed with me.

It stayed with me when I met other kids who couldn’t afford new sneakers, bicycles, summer camp, and vacations.

I tried to ‘play down’ my position by dismissing the value of material things. New clothes embarrassed me. “I didn’t ask for them!” I would say.

I used to let guilt consume me. I’ve long since learned how to let it go.

Many of us feel guilty about different things. When we hold on to guilt, we get stuck. We’ll never overcome it that way.

When we let go of guilt, what remains is the positive feeling that something needs to be fixed.

Now that I am no longer stuck, I decided to do something about it instead.

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