1 Critical Step Up From Rock-Bottom Is To Forgive Yourself

However you arrived at rock-bottom, landing there means burning a few bridges. Although some can never be repaired, that is out of your control. The people who truly love you only want one thing: you to be better. They don’t want their money back, or their time, or their car that you stole. Showing them thatContinue reading “1 Critical Step Up From Rock-Bottom Is To Forgive Yourself”

I Promise You Can Get Out Of This

I usually publish short posts on the weekend because that’s what I want to read, but I’m wrong. I need to publish what you want to read. For you, it probably doesn’t matter whether it’s Saturday or Tuesday. I’ll be lucky if you read anything at all. How can I get someone like you to readContinue reading “I Promise You Can Get Out Of This”

You’re A Good Person Waiting To Break Free

At the end of my time away at college, when I had failed out and was returning home, somewhat shamefully, my friends threw me a going away party. It was, although I couldn’t really experience it as I would be able to now, still one of the most special moments of my life. Even ifContinue reading “You’re A Good Person Waiting To Break Free”

It’s Scary To Show Your Work To People Who Might Care

Would you believe that one of the scariest things for me to do was to take a post that I wrote the other day, and post it in a private depression group on Facebook? I’ve been posting here on my own blog for 1 & 1/2 years, mostly about that very topic. So, why wouldContinue reading “It’s Scary To Show Your Work To People Who Might Care”

Finding A Solution

I went from being the most ‘stuck’ a person could possibly be, to finding a solution to every obstacle that comes my way. How did I do that? Let’s start by working backwards. Let’s say you have a problem that has no apparent solution, no possible way forward that you can think of. You’re ready to give up.Continue reading “Finding A Solution”

To Help You Find Hope, Opportunity, & Joy.

In 1997, if you told me that there was hope, I would not have listened. I would have shrugged you off in any way possible. I didn’t think that anyone could help me escape a life of despair. I was wrong. I didn’t have to die. There was another way out. One day, my eyesContinue reading “To Help You Find Hope, Opportunity, & Joy.”

You Can Start Feeling Better With Something Very Small.

You may try, but you will never be able to make today the same as yesterday. You can stay in bed, but the date will still change. You’ll move your body in different ways. You’ll age. Nothing ever stays the same. Not you, not the world around you, and most definitely not what you thinkContinue reading “You Can Start Feeling Better With Something Very Small.”

You Don’t Have Enough Time To Hold On To Pain.

When we feel, it always feels like it will last forever. Sometimes it’s love, sometimes it’s pain. The reality is that whatever we are feeling will gone in an instant, vanishing faster than we can conceive. For example when I talk about having been depressed for ten years, what is ten years? Nothing. It’s goodContinue reading “You Don’t Have Enough Time To Hold On To Pain.”

One Word Can Never Define You

Don’t get too attached to your diagnosis, because it’s definition changes every few years. In fact, even today, depression is treated completely differently in different parts of the world. Better to think of it as ‘the best description we can give for your condition right now.’ Even better to simply make sure you’re doing everythingContinue reading “One Word Can Never Define You”

Unleash Your Power To Change, Today.

Sometimes I wonder if my current full-throttle attitude towards life is an overcompensation for being so passive in the past. It’s clear to me today that ‘taking action’ is a key element to combating depression. The longer you avoid a situation, the worse it becomes, which compounds your anxieties. I’m not saying that if you procrastinateContinue reading “Unleash Your Power To Change, Today.”