How To Get People To Pay You

The reason that relentlessly giving away your knowledge for free now, will eventually earn you money later, is because you are constantly adding value.
When you add value to anything – other people, other businesses, your friends or family – that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Sometimes it might be ignored, but, if you’re relentless, it won’t be. The right people will take notice.

What do I mean by giving? Well, in my business, I speak with many food entrepreneurs. I get at least one phone call per week from a complete ‘newbie’ in the business.

Most of the time I can tell right away, because they ask certain questions, or, they’ll simply tell me they need help.

I’m just an ingredient supplier, but, I spend time with them on the phone and give them plenty of advice. Because I’ve seen others in their shoes make mistakes before. Mistakes they can avoid.

They don’t all remain my clients forever; some of them go out of business, others find other vendors, and others simply outgrow me because they’re successful.

But others give me referrals – which turns into an immeasurable sum of money for our business. When my name gets passed onto to one or two new lifetime clients, that client becomes a stream of money for as long as I have their trust.

Money is just a tool, a side effect, the result, a means, whatever you want to call it, that we need to achieve certain things.

The way you get it isn’t by taking it now and giving it away later.

It’s by giving the most value you can now, and being genuine, and then people will give it to you later. Happily.

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