10 Ways To Provide Hope

  1. Say nothing. Just listen.
  2. Acknowledge their feelings. For example, say, “You have every right to feel that.”
  3. Leave a voicemail that says, “Please call me when you are ready, I miss you.”
  4. Deliver a care package & leave it outside the door if necessary.
  5. Tell them that you’ll always be their (friend/spouse/cousin) no matter what.
  6. Show them a picture from a time when they felt better.
  7. Make a reservation for a dinner two weeks from today for both of you.
  8. Give them a good book that meant a lot to you.
  9. Make them go for a long walk with you.
  10. Tell them that you’re never going to leave them alone, even if it’s annoying.

Feel free to add some of your own!


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