10 Ways To Create Happiness

10 Ways to Create Happiness 1.0

  1. Disassemble a toaster completely, then put it back together so it works.
  2. Listen to an elderly person for a while.
  3. Cook or bake something new from scratch.
  4. Write down 10 new ideas every day for anything.
  5. Volunteer to teach any skill you possess. (Speaking English counts.)
  6. Give away all of the clothes you never wear.
  7. Call someone you haven’t spoken to on the phone.
  8. Let anyone who asks to go in front of you go first, driving or on a line.
  9. Write a note on paper to your significant other or a client.
  10. Tell a friend something that scares you.

I may throw some more lists at you. Or, go ahead and make your own. Feel free to use any of my ideas if they sound good.

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