Finding Purpose

I don’t think we have just one purpose in life. I do believe we should have as much as possible.
At my worst, I felt zero purpose. I didn’t believe that one existed for me. (That was not true.)

We perform our best when doing something with purpose. The most obvious example would be ‘for family’.

But we have to work too, and, when ‘getting a check’ is the only purpose of forty or more hours spent per week, well, we are simply not built to spend that much time banging our heads against the wall for some currency.

Currency comes and goes. We can never get back the last forty hours.

We can never get back the last minute either, and that is why I question the purpose of everything I am asked to do.

Filling ourselves with more purpose involves trying new, risky things outside of our comfort zones. When we find it, we want more.

Purpose is a powerful driving force that cannot be denied.

If your job doesn’t give you the opportunity to find it, don’t quit. Rather, look for it for an hour before or after work.

Get a small taste first, and see if you want more. Slowly, it will build.

You might even make some money on the side too.

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