Would You Vote For Frank Silver?

Frank Silver wants to waste your tax dollars.
Frank Silver wants to lock up your children.

Frank Silver wants to ignore the truth.

On July 15th, vote for Mike Williams, and tell Frank Silver ‘No more.’

Special thanks to GK for pointing out this article by Liz Szabo on USA Today. Anyone who spends the eight to ten minutes reading it wouldn’t need further convincing.

Although, if you read closely, you’ll find the naysayer’s argument in the fine print alongside one of the graphics, “Experts note that providing home care doesn’t guarantee that people won’t end up hospitalized or jailed.” 

True, but it is a guarantee that we are wasting millions of dollars right now. If you are a politician who only cares about sexy issues such as tax dollars, simply look at it that way.

So that’s why I created Frank Silver and Mike Williams. I don’t write about politics on this blog. Mental Wellness isn’t a political issue. (Politicians will follow if we start to think clearly.)

I’ve mentioned the marketing problem that mental wellness suffers from.  I wanted to have a little bit of fun with it, even though it’s not funny at all.

I wouldn’t vote for Frank Silver. We just need Mike Williams to start pointing that out.




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