My Current Learning List

If you haven’t noticed, on Saturdays & Sundays I like to keep the posts brief, and also, focus on sharing the work of others.
I don’t watch television anymore. Some people think I’m crazy when I tell them that.

I’m still getting the NY Times delivered every weekend to my home, but I’m about to cancel that too. I’m barely hanging on because I love the Magazine, but I never read the paper itself.

So, where do I get my information? Books, blogs, internet radio, and podcasts.

Here is an alphabetical list of the people who, when they send me email, I can’t wait to open it. I don’t even call them ‘bloggers’. They’re labeled in my Gmail folder as ‘Learning‘.

James Altucher

Catalyst Athletics


Seth Godin

Eliot Hulse

Bernadette Jiwa

Chris Lema


Peter Morici

Rise 365

SJ Scott (Steven Scott)


Zach Even-Esh

Zen Habits

Have fun!

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