You Can Defuse Pressure

Things have been piling up inside my head lately; some big and some small. The pressure is high, with several issues occurring both at work and home.
You will always have problems to solve.

In the past, you might have seen me bang my fists, raise my voice, or throw an object several times a day.

You will always have the choice of how to solve them.

But I’ve been much better lately. I’ve been able to stay calm ninety percent of the time, handling each problem with a level head and removing negative emotions from the situations.

You will always have the path of maximum positivity available.

It seems like when something big is hanging over my head, the little things can become magnified. For example while I’m working on a long-term deal with heavy implications during the day, the tiny screen protector bubble that I couldn’t get out can really get my blood boiling later that night.

You will always have the option to breathe if stress builds up.

In this instance I recognize that it’s not the screen protector that’s got my nerves on edge. It’s the deal. In addition, so what? If this deal doesn’t work, I’ll just start another one. It’s out of my hands, to a certain degree. I’ve done everything I can.

You will always have everything you need.

That means, you’ll have you. If your medical bills are crushing you, if your family hates you, whatever it may be … those things are definitely tough. But you are strong enough to handle it.

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