The Piggy Bank Of Happiness

Every time we complain, there’s something better to be gained in that very moment. You just have to find it.
When we exasperate at the driver in front of us, we do not reach our destination with any more speed or peace.

I’ve done this thousands of times, and it has never improved the situation. Not once. Consider that scientifically irrefutable evidence.

There was one time, when I was much younger, stupider, and angrier, that I waved a mallet hammer at a fellow driver. Sure, the driver has done something aggressive and unnecessary. Yes, I happened to be driving with the one friend who was I was always trying to ‘impress’ the most with acts of reckless abandon.

None of that matters. What was I going to do if I pulled up next to the other man a few minutes later at a dead stop? Get out of the car and bash his head in, because he cut me off? It’s ridiculous on so many levels. I’m not tough. I’m not a killer. He could have been. And it was over nothing.

Nothing worth expending negative energy on, at least.

But there is energy to be used in a situation which makes you angry. The trick is to use that negative energy for good, and turn it on itself.

Think of peace as something which you can save up one coin at a time. Every time you drop one in the piggy bank, it gets heavier.

When it starts to get full, it makes you happy simply knowing that it’s full.

When we are full of inner peace, which comes from practicing small acts of kindness and small instances of letting our anger go, we become capable of great things.

Because we are happy.

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