Its Your Right To Be Happy

I don’t believe that pretending is a part of happiness, but also I don’t believe that you ever have to pretend.
When pretend how we’re really feeling, or how much money we’re making, or how advanced our child is, or that our wife didn’t commit suicide; we are merely putting on a ‘happy’ face.

Every time we do that, we feed the very fears we’re trying to avoid, and they grow stronger.

It’s your right to be happy. You never have to sacrifice that because of what someone else might do, say, or think.

If you find yourself wearing that happy face, think hard about who you’re wearing it for, or why.

That’s not the path you want to be on in the long run. I promise.

2 thoughts

  1. That’s true. Trying to be someone else is always hard. Yet it’s part of the society: you shouldn’t be too different from others.
    You feel more freedom when you stop caring what others think of you.

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