Overrule Yourself

When I was young I was afraid. I was afraid to question authority, to talk to girls, to approach strangers, to try new things, and to be uncool.
Once when I was about ten or eleven years old, I stood waiting in one place for so long for someone to come and get me that I had to relieve myself in the woods, using leaves instead of toilet paper.

All I had to do, I found out later, was walk three minutes and I would have found the larger group. I was simply in the wrong place. But I was frozen.

I’ve come to learn that most of our fears are unfounded. For example, most people fear that if they quit their current job, they will become homeless. But that’s not the case.

Even though today I have overcome many of the nonsensical fears of my childhood, my brain still tells me a few times every day why I shouldn’t do this or that.

I encourage you to challenge yourself. Ask your brain, why not? Write down the list of reasons why you shouldn’t work on that idea.

You might find that there is no good reason at all, other than the fact that your brain isn’t always right.


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