Disappointment VS Expectations

This week I have an important meeting. I want to make the deal happen, but I can’t be one-hundred percent certain what the outcome will be.
I believe that I will make it happen, but if for some reason, it does not work out, then that’s OK. I have already accepted that as a possibility.

I might still feel some disappointment (if it falls through) even though I am prepared.

I believe in my abilities. I want this deal to happen. But I am going to need the other party to feel exactly the same way.

If I walk into the meeting and forget that, it becomes about only me. But the deal is not about me, it’s about us.

That means that I can’t project only what I want into the deal. Everything in the deal – every section, every line – should be something we both want.

Conventional wisdom says that ‘all negotiations are stressful’ but I say ‘whoever believes that makes it come true.’

This negotiation has been stressful but, only when I allowed it to be.

When I started wanting more, and asking for things that were unrealistic, it became stressful.

If at any point they ask me for something that is truly unrealistic, I simply have to say ‘no’. And that’s it.

At that point, it really shouldn’t feel disappointing to walk away from something unrealistic anyway.

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