How To Get People To Pay You

The reason that relentlessly giving away your knowledge for free now, will eventually earn you money later, is because you are constantly adding value. When you add value to anything – other people, other businesses, your friends or family – that doesn’t go unnoticed. Sometimes it might be ignored, but, if you’re relentless, it won’tContinue reading “How To Get People To Pay You”

10 Ways To Provide Hope

Say nothing. Just listen. Acknowledge their feelings. For example, say, “You have every right to feel that.” Leave a voicemail that says, “Please call me when you are ready, I miss you.” Deliver a care package & leave it outside the door if necessary. Tell them that you’ll always be their (friend/spouse/cousin) no matter what.Continue reading “10 Ways To Provide Hope”

How To Talk About Feelings

Holding onto certain fears can prevent you from talking about how you feel. Fears such as: getting hurt, being ‘discovered’, or thought of as sick or weird. I had all of those. One of the scariest feelings I hid at all costs during my teenage years were fantasies of extreme violence. Who would tell theirContinue reading “How To Talk About Feelings”

“Is That Not A Rare Joy?”

“Every day, I choose, sometimes gamely and sometimes against the moment’s reason, to be alive. Is that not a rare joy?” – Andrew Solomon, The Noonday Demon After a lifetime of struggling with depression; approximately ten years of research, which included hundreds of studies and books read, and thousands of interviews from all around theContinue reading ““Is That Not A Rare Joy?””

Finding Your Way Through Adversity

On my last day of inpatient psychiatric treatment, I nervously asked the hospital’s program director if I could apply for a position there. I felt a thousand times better than the day I was brought into the system, which was in an ambulance after a suicide attempt. I felt like I could help others whoContinue reading “Finding Your Way Through Adversity”

1 Thing To Know About Hurting Loved Ones

I felt that what I was doing was deeply wrong, which only made it worse. I couldn’t see that there was a simple way out, which was to speak. When I finally started to listen, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized that I had deeply hurt many people that loved me.Continue reading “1 Thing To Know About Hurting Loved Ones”

10 Ways To Create Happiness

10 Ways to Create Happiness 1.0 Disassemble a toaster completely, then put it back together so it works. Listen to an elderly person for a while. Cook or bake something new from scratch. Write down 10 new ideas every day for anything. Volunteer to teach any skill you possess. (Speaking English counts.) Give away allContinue reading “10 Ways To Create Happiness”

Finding Purpose

I don’t think we have just one purpose in life. I do believe we should have as much as possible. At my worst, I felt zero purpose. I didn’t believe that one existed for me. (That was not true.) We perform our best when doing something with purpose. The most obvious example would be ‘for family’. But weContinue reading “Finding Purpose”