How To Articulate What You Believe

Yesterday post was a slight twist on Bernadette Jiwa’s exercise which she calls “The Value Proposition Hack.”
It’s an exercise that you should try. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger; try filling in the blanks for anything that you do.

It’s not easy, but, if you can’t articulate what you believe in, or why you are doing it, then … how will anyone else know why it’s important?

Yesterday I tweaked the hack a bit by asking myself “Who do I write for?” (It’s critical to know exactly who you are writing to.)

My answer to Bernadette’s original value proposition hack as follows:

I write about hope so that you can feel a glimpse of what tomorrow might bring.

I created Fried’s Blog so that you don’t have to feel as if there is nothing to live for.

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