The Best Thing You Can Do For A [Depressed] Person

The best thing you can do might be to acknowledge how the other person is feeling.
Simple to say, very difficult to practice. That’s what we want though, isn’t it? To be heard?

Not to be told what we should do, or what we did wrong, or why  we should feel differently, or that it’s all going to get better.

No! I want to feel [angry/happy/sad/pissed off/loved/lonely/hopeless/right] RIGHT NOW!

Sometimes that means responding with silence, or a few simple words.

This doesn’t mean ‘leave the person alone’ … you can be silent and present.

As badly as you want to show them how much better it’s going to be, that’s how exactly badly they don’t want to hear about it.

You can’t remove depression from a person. You have to let them feel the feeling.

Helping them to acknowledge what they are feeling out loud is good. Healing has to begin somewhere.

The faster they go through the feeling, the faster it will pass.


Today was my 365th consecutive post! You know, I thought that when the one year mark came around, I’d write a post recapping the year.

I’m much happier with the post above. I want each post to be helpful for you. That’s the goal. Thank you for reading.

– Matt F.

3 thoughts

  1. “You have to let them feel the feeling.” Truer words have never been said. I know it’s hard for people who support sufferers of depression to understand, but sometimes we just have to… go through it. Even if it hurts. Even if it’s no fun. Even if it sucks and it’s interfering with our lives. Sometimes to get better, we have to get worse. If only for a time.
    Congratulations on 365 posts! You’re an inspiration.

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