How Far From The Edge Are You?

I’d like to expand on what I was trying to show Sunday, which also connects to the marketing of mental health post.
Danielle Shea could very sadly have become a completed suicide or, murder-suicide. (Just like the mass shootings in the news lately.)

On that level, she’s no different from you or I.

I know that it doesn’t happen to most of us, but, it could. Generally, it won’t. But I’m telling you, it really could, given the correct circumstances.

I don’t know Ms. Shea’s details, or yours.

What I do know is that a person under tremendous pressure can be driven to their edge rather quickly, and often under the radar.

If you’ve read this far and you’re saying to yourself, “I’m not a criminal! Those people are sick!” … then you’ve missed the point.

Everyone handles a breakdown differently. I can’t predict how you would.

A breakdown could happen to anyone.

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