Re-Writing Headlines

Which of these two media headlines is more helpful?

“Quinnipiac University dropout made bomb threat before graduation ceremony so parents wouldn’t learn she left school: police.” “Danielle Shea, 22, apparently told cops that she called in two bomb threats in an attempt to cancel the ceremony, because she was afraid her parents would notice her name wasn’t included on the graduation roster.” – NY Daily News

“Young girl is so frightened about what she has done wrong that she is willing to go to almost any measure to cover it up. To prevent something worse from happening, she needs to feel that it is safe to talk to someone.” – Me

Publishers wield immense power over the way we feel about things.

Readers hold even more power in how we read. When we read well, we can pick up on what’s not being said – that might also be true.

Or, if that becomes too laborious, we can simply choose not to read what’s being fed to us when it doesn’t agree with our stomachs.

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