Be There, Right Now.

A thoughtful comment from a reader who happens to be a hilarious blogger prompted today’s post.
I’ve written before about being scared that my kids might somehow be at a higher risk for depression because I write about it. I don’t believe that’s true, but, it’s a natural thing to fear.

We all wonder if what we do or say is enough. Did we make ourselves available? Do they know they can come to us if they’re in trouble?

This is fear of an ideal not being reality. The ideal that our children will remember our advice, and that they will grow to be old, safe, healthy and happy is not reality.

It’s scary to admit that this might not be the case.

I submit that you should admit it to yourself, now, because the fear starts to go away once you realize it’s out of your hands.

The only thing in your hands is making the most of every moment you have with your children right now.

That’s better than living with fear of the future.

It’s a better way to be present for your children, which is what you want them to remember in the first place.

The fact that you’re present for them, and they can come to you, any time.

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