How Much Are You Worth?

It’s not often that you have to define, in dollars, how much you are worth. How do assess your value?
I hesitate to put a numerical value on any person, but, when negotiating for a salary, that’s what you have to do.

I think it’s a useful exercise to work through even if you are not currently negotiating a salary. Let’s say you’re just a student, or, you’re in a ‘safe’ position.

You won’t be forever, so why not be prepared when change comes?

You might even realize that you’re not being treated fairly right now.

Where Do You Begin?

I want to get paid what I’m worth. Not more, and not less. So I’ll start by making a list of every skill that I bring to the table:

Experience, Service, Growth, Problem Solving & Prevention, Trust, Passion, Leadership, Copywriting, Marketing.

Those are the first nine that come to mind. Notice that I didn’t list skills in the following areas: Microsoft Word/Excel, WordPress, QuickBooks, & Accounting.

Think about what you can do that can’t be replaced by anyone else.

What If My Current Job Is Rote?

Let’s say you’re only given the chance to perform rote tasks such as cold-calling or data entry. Maybe you do clerical work, or something within a tightly defined system.

Sometimes there are small opportunities to offer larger contributions. Sometimes, in order to do so, you have to break the rules and simply show your boss that X is better than Y.

But let’s say, that’s not an option for you. How long do you think you can stay there and stay happy? How long do you think you can stay there and stay cheaper than the next person, or machine, that can do what you do?

Build Your Resume

Pick something – anything – that you’re passionate about and start a really, really small project outside of your daily role.

It can be something absolutely tiny such as: I serve food for one hour per week at a soup kitchen, or, I design bracelets for friends in my neighborhood.

You don’t have to build a large non-profit or a jewelry empire.

Simply find something human to do – something valuable – and it will shine on your resume apart from everything else.

It will shine inside your heart too, which is what really counts.

Then, you (and your next boss) will have a good understanding of what you are worth.

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