Every Day Is Filled With Choices

You might feel like every day is exactly the same. Except it’s not: it’s a series of opportunities to do everything differently.
I’ve been working the same job for about twelve years, yet these last few weeks everything has changed in the way I approach it.

I have an endless list of little things to do, and a short list of big things to do.

Big projects would be something like: re-design the website, or launch that new product line.

Except the small daily tasks, which needed to get done, always seemed to get it the way. There was never time to work on something big.

I made a conscious decision to clear one or two full hours per day to the big projects. During this time, there would be NO creeping in of other task, even if they started to pile up right on me desk.

Guess what? After knocking off something big for a few hours, there was plenty of time and energy left to do all of the small stuff.

It wasn’t as smooth as it was before: Monday through Thursday were a bit scattered, because I was leaving a bunch of tasks undone.

But something magical happened: I looked at my desk on Friday and everything was … done and clear.

Just as it would have been before, but, differently. So really, all I was doing before was not part of an unchangeable routine.

It was procrastination.

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