Re-Writing Old Stories

There’s an old story about mentally ill people which goes something like this:
The bad ones end up homeless or institutionalized. The really bad ones are violent and sometimes end up in jail. The rich ones can afford pills and therapy. They go back to their lives. If they still have friends, they probably don’t talk about it. Occasionally there’s a hero who overcomes a mental illness to do something great, like, Winston Churchill. Some artists have it. The rest of them aren’t newsworthy.

I’m a little sick of those stories. Good news: there are thousands of new ones out there. For example:

What’s it like to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and survive?

What’s it like to live in a constant state of neuroses?

What if a therapist was a person with issues just like you?

If we believe a story is true, then, it is. We make it so.

My story is about finding hope when it’s dark. What’s yours?



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