Why Learn About Suicide?

It is unfathomable to many why one would commit suicide.
“Those who kill themselves have perhaps felt not only despair, but also the momentary loss of self-consciousness.” – Andrew Solomon, The Noonday Demon, page 245.

It goes against every fiber of your being to do it. So, imagine instead, if you felt nothing – no fibers.

It’s helpful to empathize with the people who attempt or complete suicide for two reasons:

  1. You might better recognize the symptoms in someone else.
  2. You might better recognize the symptoms in yourself.

Yeah – it can sneak up on you. It did on me. All of the warning signs were there, but, I didn’t know them.

I knew the path I was on was one of self-destruction, but, I didn’t know there were exit ramps along the way.

This is not a ‘what could have been’ post. This is a ‘let’s remind ourselves there’s always hope’ post.




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