Why I Don’t Want To Prevent Depression

Please, don’t take my depression away from me.
If that sounds strange coming from a guy who’s written over 300 posts, mostly about how to get out of or avoid depression, I’ll explain.

I do not want you to suffer one minute longer than necessary. I am not anti-medication.

I am pro-humanity.

One day, very soon, perhaps before I publish my last post on this blog, we’ll be good at mapping genes. The next wave of treatments will be preventative. We’ll be able to stop diseases before they start.

Scientists will ask, ‘why bother with hit and miss antidepressants when we can simply tweak your gene structure in the womb?’ To some, endless hours of talking therapy will seem foolish.

To me, without the bad, there can be no good.

So what I’m really asking is please, don’t take my humanity away from me.


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