The Flip-Side Of Depression

I’ve written extensively that trying to hold back your thoughts and emotions can lead to depression.

First comes helplessness. Then hopelessness. Finally, despair.

At that point, you’re probably in a depression and, suicide is the unfortunately common response to the problem.

There’s a flip-side to that path. We are emotional beings. Emotions work in both directions.

If you get a taste of something that you have passion for, you’ll want more.

Trying to go back to whatever you were doing before simply doesn’t work.

You might be afraid to leave whatever it is that you were doing, but the passion will keep calling you.

Following that path is the road to being fully alive.

Our emotions are unstoppable forces. Don’t try to deny them. You’ll fail.

Failure includes being stuck somewhere in the middle, hiding from what you were meant to do.

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