Why You Should Fight For Your Emotions

What Is The Absence Of Emotion?

How angry does that inconsiderate driver make you? How about your boss? How about that person who mugged your sister?

Emotions are difficult to define because they exist on a spectrum. The spectrum runs from zero (or, almost zero) to infinity.

Imagine a depressed person on the far left side of the horizontal spectrum – not at zero emotions (that would imply the person was not alive), but at virtually zero.

You could contend that depression includes certain emotions, such as anger turned inward, and, I wouldn’t argue you.

But at some point, many depressed people just reach a point where they simply turn off. They don’t feel anything anymore.

How Can One Reclaim Emotion?

A long process of treatment, hopefully aided by a support network of some kind.

Unfortunately a depressed person is unlikely to seek help. However, they are very responsive when someone reaches out to them.

I won’t bullshit you; I’ve written before that it took me about a decade to really start feeling again.

That doesn’t mean I felt nothing for ten years; it just means that I grew very gradually, over time.

One by one, my emotions came back to me.

What Can One Gain From Emotion?

Here’s the part that I could not possibly see twenty years ago: the far right side of the spectrum.

Emotions are powerful, risky, and rewarding. You can get hurt, that’s for sure.

But you can’t possibly experience joy or meaning unless you open yourself up to them.

Emotions bring a powerful energy to life that is the polar opposite of the nothingness you are feeling now.

Call it vitality if you want to. You may have noticed that I used the word ‘reclaim’ instead of ‘regain’ above.

That’s because I want you to take your life back.


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