Depression Doesn’t Fit In A Box

Our brains are hardwired to label things as quickly as possible.

Adam the conservative accountant‘ is easy to remember.

The guy on the news was on meth‘ makes the story safe for me to quickly file away.

Tiffany has a chemical imbalance‘ and that’s why she’s depressed.

Labels are extremely helpful most of the time. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to navigate our day.

Labels can also blind us if we are not careful. They can prevent us from seeing the truth and making change.

To really see the reason behind a situation, you have to dig deeper.

Adam’s advice comes from a lifetime of experiences.

The guy on the news wasn’t driven to stabbing an innocent person simply because he did some drugs that afternoon. If we really want to prevent him, or the next guy, from doing it again, we have to talk about such things as poverty, despair, anger management, drug treatment programs, and other underlying causes.

Tiffany may have a chemical imbalance but depression is never caused by only one factor. Finding the right medication is critical, but, that does not mean she will simply snap out of it. She’s going to need to talk about it.

Are you ready to peel back the labels? Some of them are simply stuck over serious issues so we can feel safe.

The only problem is, the glue begins to wear off over time.


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