An Easy Way To Be Thankful

The other day a woman said this to me without speaking it:

“I don’t really understand what it is that gives us life. I don’t really comprehend how it is that I am standing here today. I have a family, they are alive & healthy. I am alive & healthy. I have this job, which I am thankful for. One day soon I will die, but until then, I will smile as much as I can.”

What she actually said when I asked her how she was doing was “Thank God.”

I don’t really know if her family is healthy. I do know that her smile and the look in her eyes was trying to convey much more than could be expressed in those two words.

Maybe you don’t believe in God – I’m not sure that I do. I’m not even sure if it matters.

It’s not so easy to go around expressing to people all that we are bewildered by and thankful for.

Maybe that’s why using a three-letter word to represent what we don’t understand is so popular.

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