“My Bright Shining Star” by Rhonda Elkins

Kaitlyn Elkins was a beautiful twenty-three year old woman who took her own life in April of 2013.

Obviously her family is devastated by this loss, but also, completely surprised. They thought she was happy.

Rhonda, Kaitlyn’s mother, decided to write about it. Her posts are raw, unfiltered, and real.

I understand that reading about suicide isn’t for everyone. Except, you can see from the comments on Rhonda’s blog that she is connecting with other people and helping them.

When I stumbled across ‘My Bright Shining Star’ I felt an instant connection.

I was Kaitlyn. I was happy on the outside for years, never uttering a word of sadness.

Had I completed my attempt, my mother would have been Rhonda, left to wonder what might have been. Left forever asking why, or what she could have differently.

I read Rhonda’s pain and got a glimpse of the pain that I almost caused.

That’s one of the reasons why I write now; Kaitlyn didn’t make it, but I did. I owe it to her, to Rhonda, to my own family, and to myself to make the most that I can with the time I’ve been given.

Rhonda doesn’t just write about pain. It’s heart-wrenching at times, yes, but, there is much beauty in her words.

Kaitlyn is Rhonda’s Bright Shining Star, and through her work Rhonda has made sure that her light will shine forever.

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