“Am I The Poster Boy For Depression?” on ‘Youth of a Nation’

Yesterday ‘DarcSunshine’ was kind enough to invite me to write on her blog Youth of A Nation.
A reader asked me if I thought I was ‘the poster boy’ for depression, and  I thought about that for a few days before writing this post.

I hope you’ll enjoy the post and I’m sure you’ll encounter some other great ones if you click around her site.

This year I plan to publish posts on other sites more regularly, and invite others to write here.

Learning from other bloggers has been one of the most amazing parts of the last year for me.

Naturally I want to share that with you 🙂


2 thoughts

    1. 100%! I really would love to.
      Humor posts are something I really want to do. I just have to do them on the proper blog.
      I’ll draft one for you 🙂

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