How To Extinguish Anger

Today, someone is probably going to say or do something to you that you don’t like. Will you be able to separate that person’s anger from your own?
The next time someone angers you, stop and ask yourself ‘What could I have possibly done differently?’

Usually you’ll find that, even if you are ‘right’, there was at least one small thing you could have done differently. For example, not raising your voice, or, anticipating better.

(That’s because none of us are perfect, therefore none of us are ever one-hundred percent ‘right’.)

I used to internalize everything. If someone else was angry or disappointed in me, I told felt like a disappointment. I believed that’s who I was.

It’s hard enough to feel good on your own. You don’t need to incorporate everyone else’s anger into your own.

Anger is a raging forest fire that accelerates when the wind blows. The only way to control it is to let it burn out and die.

Responding to anyone while you are angry is never a good idea. That goes for your spouse, kids, parents, friends, and boss.

Step back and ask yourself what you may have done wrong. If you did, then you can acknowledge it to the other person.

If you didn’t, then you’ll be at peace with yourself, and you can sit back and watch the fire burn out.

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