How To Use Fear To Your Advantage

I met with Dese’Rae L. Stage the other day, and,  I learned a lot about myself.
It’s for her project Live Through This which, you should check out of course.

I’ve written bits and pieces of my story, but, sitting behind a computer is not the same as sitting in front of someone and actually telling it to them.

I had a hard time articulating it from beginning to end, I found myself jumping around a lot, leaving big gaps, or so it felt to me. (I’m sure when she edits it, it will make sense.)

When I signed up to do it, I thought I wouldn’t be nervous at all, because I’ve been blogging for over a year about it.

Except the two days leading up to the interview, especially the day of the interview, my heart kept beating faster.

A voice in my head kept telling me reasons why I shouldn’t do it, or how I could get out of it. Louder and louder, all the way up until I parked my car in front of our meeting place.

That was the voice of fear. I knew that I needed to dance with the fear though, because it was telling me that I was getting closer to the truth. Closer to the right thing to do.

That’s why is was scary. The right thing to do is always scary. But you have to do it.

Five or ten minutes into our one hour and forty-five minute talk, the voice went away.

I’m excited for you to see the end result, and I feel much more exhilarated, and have even more direction towards what I have to do for my own projects now than ever before.

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