What Will My Harshest Critics Say?

“You weren’t depressed. You were just a kid looking for an excuse to escape and party. You were afraid of the real world. You couldn’t face up to your problems, and you couldn’t find a way out, so you took the easiest way out; you ran away and tried to kill yourself. You had every opportunity and advantage a person could have wanted and you had no reason or right to act that way.” – Anonymous

That’s the kind of thing that I expected to hear in the comments before I started this blog. It hasn’t happened yet.

When I started this blog, one of my goals was to write & publish the story of my depression, suicide attempt, and recovery. I thought for sure after publication the trolls would come out, and negative reviews like the ones above would appear.

I’ve delayed the writing of the full story because I want to become a better writer first, and learn how to craft it properly, rather than just publish ‘another biography about depression’.

I’m not afraid of the comments though. In fact if I put them out there myself, as I just did, it kind of nullifies their impact.

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