Why Taking Medication Is ‘Natural’

The following is paraphrased from an NPR interview with Barabara Ehrenreich about her new book Living With A Wild God:
The world is a living thing, and everything in it is inherently a living thing. When we look at a car, lamppost, or plastic bottle sitting on the side of the road, we tend not to see those things as alive. Yet they are very much alive. They are made of living materials found here Earth. They have merely been modified into a form which will take longer to change.

If you begin to see that a plastic bottle is alive, then your perception of what is ‘natural‘ begins to change. ‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ are aggressively marketed today, but I’m not talking about whether or not your chicken has been fed antibiotics.

The antibiotics themselves are in fact both natural and organic because they are made of elemental, living matter. The question of whether or not feeding them to chickens is a healthy idea is not of concern to me for this post.

Are you telling yourself that it’s not OK to take medication because it doesn’t feel natural? It’s time to define exactly what is natural and what is not.

I propose that medication is natural. It is perfectly alright for humans to use our knowledge to manipulate chemicals into a pill that can help you survive.

If you don’t feel like taking medication is OK because it’s not a part of who you are, well, you are, in fact, a part of the living universe.

We barely understand the universe and who we are, so there’s no reason to stand on principle of the unknown.

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