How To Build A Wall Of Love

When I was depressed, I manipulated the world around me to in order suit my depression.

To be clear, this is not a declaration of causality. I didn’t give myself depression.

What I did was, feed it. For whatever reason, (generally they were misguided ones), I took actions that made it worse & worse.

I’m finding today that this works the same way in reverse. It’s easier than ever to create your own world built on love and happiness.

I isolate myself from anything that stinks of negativity.

I’m not just talking about quitting watching television either;  I also mean things and people who you cannot avoid.

People all around us project negativity every day. People on the road, people in our work, and even the people we love the most.

I’m talking about being able to see it, and step aside from it before it gets ‘into’ you. And it does creep into you if you let it.

Building an emotional wall got me into some trouble the first time around, but that was a wall built out of fear and anger.

This time, it’s built on love. No amount of jealousy, fear, or anger is going to seep into my heart again.

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