You Can’t Win Alone

You have a therapist with whom you meet semi-regularly. They don’t consider it a big deal if you miss an appointment.

You tell the therapist exactly what you they want to hear. They never seem to press you into an uncomfortable discussion.

You tell your family it’s going well. The therapist does the same, but they can’t divulge specific details either way.

You can’t beat depression. It’s too strong; too ingrained in you. You have no choice but to conceal it.

You hide it well, but you feel that the depression isn’t going anywhere.

You are right, you are not going to beat it alone. Alone, you will grow more hopeless.

You will reach a point where nothing matters anymore. You don’t even think about fighting it.

You have nothing left to lose, so why not be honest with someone who cares about you?

The only thing that might happen then is, you get a little help.

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