“My Bright Shining Star” by Rhonda Elkins

Kaitlyn Elkins was a beautiful twenty-three year old woman who took her own life in April of 2013. Obviously her family is devastated by this loss, but also, completely surprised. They thought she was happy. Rhonda, Kaitlyn’s mother, decided to write about it. Her posts are raw, unfiltered, and real. I understand that reading aboutContinue reading ““My Bright Shining Star” by Rhonda Elkins”

“Am I The Poster Boy For Depression?” on ‘Youth of a Nation’

Yesterday ‘DarcSunshine’ was kind enough to invite me to write on her blog Youth of A Nation. A reader asked me if I thought I was ‘the poster boy’ for depression, and  I thought about that for a few days before writing this post. I hope you’ll enjoy the post and I’m sure you’ll encounterContinue reading ““Am I The Poster Boy For Depression?” on ‘Youth of a Nation’”

How To Extinguish Anger

Today, someone is probably going to say or do something to you that you don’t like. Will you be able to separate that person’s anger from your own? The next time someone angers you, stop and ask yourself ‘What could I have possibly done differently?’ Usually you’ll find that, even if you are ‘right’, thereContinue reading “How To Extinguish Anger”

An Argument For The Reality Of Hope

Hope, like love, can be defined in different ways. Yet generally speaking, at least, here in the West, hope requires one to believe that something will happen, whether or not the evidence suggests it will. Simon Critchley ask us to ‘Abandon (Nearly) All Hope’ and by that he means, ‘blind hope’. I want to agreeContinue reading “An Argument For The Reality Of Hope”

Why Do I Believe There Is Hope?

Someone asked me the other day how I felt about God. You may have noticed that I never write about religion or God. I’ve never been one to believe in anything in particular, either way. It’s probably beyond our comprehension. Except lately I keep coming back to one word: HOPE. People also asked me, “WhyContinue reading “Why Do I Believe There Is Hope?”

How To Use Fear To Your Advantage

I met with Dese’Rae L. Stage the other day, and,  I learned a lot about myself. It’s for her project Live Through This which, you should check out of course. I’ve written bits and pieces of my story, but, sitting behind a computer is not the same as sitting in front of someone and actuallyContinue reading “How To Use Fear To Your Advantage”

Is My Mental Illness A Part Of Me?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept the fact that it should take over your daily life and impair your ability to function. I don’t have all the answers about identity, the universe, nature, and nurture. What I do know is that if you have a mental illness, it is inside of yourContinue reading “Is My Mental Illness A Part Of Me?”

How To Stop Missing Your Own Life

It’s easier than ever before to miss your life. How many things pull for your attention every day? Mindfulness means, if you are eating, just eat. If you are talking with someone, really listen. Be present, one-hundred percent, in every single thing that you do. Constantly reminding myself that I am lucky to be hereContinue reading “How To Stop Missing Your Own Life”

Why Write About Depression Every Day?

It’s a way to say ‘thank you.’ It’s no big deal actually. Writing down ten things that you are thankful for each day is a simple practice we should all undertake. Although I know that, I don’t actually write the list every day. Maybe my list is this blog, or, at least, one of theContinue reading “Why Write About Depression Every Day?”