What’s The Next Lobotomy?

There was a man running around this country in the 1950’s shoving icepicks through people’s eye sockets, directly into their frontal lobes. He did this to at least 2,500 people before he was finally stopped.
His services were actually in very high demand; transorbital lobotomies were one of the few known treatments for mental illness. You know what reduced the demand? The invention of the first psychotropic medication. After that, he was no longer needed.

How could so many people agree to such a barbaric procedure with so little knowledge of the outcome?

How much more do we really know about the brain, and all of the things we do to it, today?

It’s interesting to me to think that in twenty or fifty years, we might look back at something we’re doing right now in the same light.

Not all of his patients agreed to the ‘icepick lobotomy’ willingly. Howard Dully was a twelve-year old boy with no mental illness when he received his.

Here’s a link to the free twenty-eight minute audio story ‘My Lobotomy’ on PRX.

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon.

If you don’t buy the book, listen to Howard Dully’s story. It’s free, and well worth one half-hour of your time.

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