A Killer Sales Pitch

“Be honest. Do you really need more … stuff? Is that flat screen TV really going to get you ahead in life?”
Thank you, Mr. Rosetta Stone voice-over man, for pointing out to me in that cocky, upbeat tone that I am floundering my existence on this planet by wasting my time with material things.

I’m going to run out and buy your language learning software, but not only because it’s marked down from $499 to $279 – what a deal! No, I’m going to do it because you made me feel worthless.

Shaming people into buying your product must be paying off, because the ad plays at least twenty times per day on my SiriusXM satellite radio. Maybe I’ll walk into a New York sports bar with a copy of Nietzsche and demand that a bunch of Ranger fans brush up on their philosophy, instead of reading the Daily News.

I did spend about $100 on four tickets to go to the circus for my son’s second birthday last weekend. I hope that’s OK with you? Is fun going to get me ahead in life?

Your commercial has definitely closed the deal when it comes to me buying your product. It’s a killer sales pitch; it permanently killed the sale.

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